Norio Tech Car Coating 纳飞米科技太空层保护镀膜
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Norio Tech Car Coating 镀膜的好处:



耐腐蚀: 将漆面与外界隔绝,能有效防氧化








Using German nano-ceramic and rubber membrane technology, it effectively forms a strong protective layer on the car body, giving your car a protective effect every day.

Scratch resistance: It can prevent most minor scratches, and it has elastic recovery function to protect the car body, so that the paint surface scratches are reduced by more than 70% compared with the general coating. When the external force exceeds the elastic protection range of the crystal, it generally only leaves scratches on the crystal without damaging the paint surface.

Corrosion resistance: Isolate the paint surface from the outside world, which can effectively prevent oxidation

Resistant to corrosion by bird droppings, flying insect slurry, acid rain, etc.

No cracking: anti-ultraviolet, anti-high temperature and severe cold, adapt to a wide range of temperature changes, and will not crack or fall off

Easy to clean: The powerful fiber mesh will fill in the small pores in the paint surface of the car body, make the paint surface reach the mirror state, make the car body easy to clean and maintain, and has a super hydrophobic function.

Brighter: increase the refraction of light, make the car surface brighter, the paint surface is brilliant, and the brightness is more than 95%

Strong water repellency: low surface adhesion and water droplets repel, super water repellency, long aging, long life, lasting and stable performance, can be used for up to 2 years, and the general coating can be up to half a year to one year

Super value preservation: Advanced paint protection technology can not only reduce waxing costs, but also better protect the original car paint.

Ketahanan Coating  sehingga  2 tahun . Tak perlu lagi nak coating kereta berkali kali.
Beratus ratus kali cuci pun coating masih kekal.
  Dapat Jimat kan kos kekerapan car wash - .Tak lekat air dan habuk.
Lepas Coating  body kereta dan  Cermin mcm daun keladi. Hujan lebat pun tak guna wiper
Tak payah risau lagi Watermark melekat
Perlindungan dari mudah Calar, UV Ray ,Chemical damage dan Karat.
Cat kusam kembali berseri dan berkilat.

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